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SPNS started its HVAC division with its first project being the Geometric Software. The success of this project was a major learning experience and the right impetus needed for charting the company in its successful entry into HVAC services.

SPNS has Expertise On Complete HVAC Project Services A well known leading service provider. HVAC Services, HVAC Project Services and HVAC Solutions in Thane, Mumbai, India

The advantage of HVAC division over contemporaries emanates from the strength in project management, multi disciplined design engineers and usage of latest design tools and techniques.

With the easy availability of state-of-art products from all over the world, the focus of SPNS is optimized application and integration of these products and adoption of right process for quality and delivery.

The HVAC division of the company has shown consistent growth over years and today it is all over Mumbai. It has gained a reputation for executing challenging projects in Mumbai. Today SPNS clients for HVAC projects includes some of the most renowned corporations from various sectors like PMC Bank, Geometric, ICICI Bank, Cynergy commerical building etc.

Over the years SPNS has set up a strong team across India to offer complete HVAC solutions 

Complete HVAC Solutions Like:

    • Central Chilled water Plant systems..
    • DX System / VRV systems.
    • Primary / secondary pumping system.
    • Thermal storage system.
    • Hot water generator, Solar heater and related low side work.
    • Ventilation system and evaporative cooling systems, roof extractors and jet fan systems.
    • Clean room technology for micro electronics, micro mechanics and pharma.
    • District Cooling System.
    • Heat recovery and desiccant cooling systems.

Client Verticals

    • Malls & Multiplexes
    • Commercial Offices
    • Banking
    • IT & Data Center
    • Infrastructure
    • Residential

Featured Projects

    • Cynergy Commercial Building
    • Huntsman
    • PMC Bank
    • ICICI Bank
    • DHFL